Going on holiday with children for the first time

Life is filled with many significant firsts: first day at school, first time living away from home, first pay cheque. The first time you go on holidays with your children is another one of these milestones.

Parent on holidays with children

Consider packing items that will bring comfort and familiarity for your kids.

For some parents, this prospect may seem scary but don’t worry, we’ve got 4 top tips to help you along the way:

Remain calm

Our first tip is a simple one, and that is to remember to try and remain calm no matter what scenarios you find yourself in. It’s to be expected that there could be some things that don’t go according to plan on holidays, but reminding yourself of this advice will be a big help.

Travelling with children for the first time will likely bring special memories for you and your family for years to come.

Flying with a baby

flying with a baby

Flying with a baby is an exciting time. They’ll likely be filled with anticipation for the holiday ahead.

Try your best to keep the kids occupied in the airport before the flight so they won’t be bored when getting on the plane. Once you get on the flight, they may even take a nap and sleep through the journey.

Travel essentials for kids

first family holiday

Consider packing items that will bring comfort and familiarity for your kids on their first holiday. In an unfamiliar place, having their favourite toy will help calm their nerves and feel at ease.

Another important packing tip to remember is not to over-pack suitcases, especially when faced with the prospect of airport luggage limits. Packing light can be the right choice for family holidays and can help you avoid spending extra time at the airport.

Prepare a list of activities

Getting a list of holiday activities for kids ready for when you arrive at your destination will help keep your children engaged and excited. If your kids are old enough, there may even be activities at the hotel for them to join in.

Kids clubs give them to opportunity to socialize with other children their age and can often come as part of a package hotel deal. Try looking into this before you go ahead and book your accommodation.

Next step

For more information and helpful advice on holidays abroad, check out our blog post which provide 4 tips for planning your next vacation.

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