5 things every expat should prepare for before moving to another country

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It’s crucial to know what kind of visa you will need in your new country.

Settling abroad can fill expats with confidence and a great sense of achievement. But before you go, it’s important to do some research so you can be as prepared as possible, here are 5 essential things that every expat should know before moving abroad.

With that in mind, here are 5 things that every expat should know before moving abroad:

  • Visa requirements

visa process

It’s crucial to know what kind of visa you will need in your new country. Getting a visa can be a complicated process so finding out the necessary details in good time will help you avoid any last minute headaches.

Checking the timescales and costs involved in getting a visa will also help you to plan ahead with your budget. Employers will often provide you with information on visa support, which can provide ease of mind for expats.

  • Accommodation

Many expats want to have their accommodation organized before they arrive. Remember that it’s always best to visit the place you will be living before signing any contract. Of course, this might not always be possible, but it is advised.

Some countries will have stricter rules for expat accommodation compared with others so it’s best to consider the process in the country you are moving to.

  • Public transport

You’ll also need to be prepared when it comes to transportation in your new country. You may have to get used to driving on another side of the road, or driving through cities that are filled with more cyclists than you are used to.

Certain countries have much better public transportation systems than others, so it’s good to do your research in advance so you know what to expect.

This will help you get to grips with local transportation more quickly when you arrive.

  • Connections

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Finding connections in your new place before you move can really help ease the transition process. Try getting in touch with people you know who live in or have visited the country.

You could try using social networking websites such as Linkedin or Facebook to reach out to your friends and let them know you are moving. These websites can also be great for keeping people updated on your progress after you move.

  • Health insurance

Be sure to check out what the healthcare options are like in your new country before you move. It is vitally important that you have comprehensive health insurance for you and your family. 

At Cigna Global, we offer a wide range of levels of expat medical insurance cover available to protect you in your new homeland, and anywhere else you may be travelling. Find out more here.

To find more information on essential things to check before you move abroad, visit our Expat Resource Centre.

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