International Health Insurance in China

Enjoy the incredible culture, booming prospects and fast-growing economy of the People’s Republic while protecting you and your loved ones from any mishaps with health insurance for expats in China.

China has an engrossing history to explore, and its modern cities promise expanding job opportunities. Yet, the public health system can be a little confusing at times, and depending on your plans, you may need additional cover while exploring this nation.

Find out more about China’s public medical system and what the best health insurance for expats is with Cigna Healthcare.

How does the healthcare system work in China?

There are two medical systems available in China, combining publicly funded, private and insurance-based healthcare systems. One system uses modern healthcare practices, of the kind you will find in hospitals elsewhere in the world. The other adopts more traditional Chinese medicinal practices and homeopathic treatments.

Much of the population has access to basic, free healthcare. Then, there are two forms of insurance available: employee medical insurance available through work, and resident insurance available through citizenship.


Pros and cons of using China's local healthcare system


  • Publicly supported healthcare means costs are generally lower than in recent years.
  • Hospitals adopting more modern practices can usually assure a good quality of care.


  • Homeopathic and traditional treatments can be scientifically unproven in terms of success rates and potential side effects.
  • Linguistic issues and quality, or even availability of, care can be a problem in more rural areas.

How can international health insurance help you in China?

Hospitals in China are usually ranked numerically by a set of criteria. Tier One is the top-tier, offering the best all-round care. While Tier Three is more standard access.

The best health insurance for expats in China guarantees you access to the nearest top tier hospital. So, rest assured that you and your loved ones have access to great comprehensive medical coverage while you’re here.

Many third-tier medical facilities only accept cash payments – so having a strong health insurance package you can fall back on is essential when you’re living, working, and travelling in more rural areas across the country.

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Les garanties de base du contrat Silver assurent la prise en charge des soins de jour et des frais d’hospitalisation incluant le séjour à l’hôpital et les soins médicaux

  • Plafond de garanties annuelles : $1 000 000

  • Hospitalisation et soins de jour

  • Chambre individuelle

  • Prise en charge complète des traitements anticancéreux

  • Soins aux nouveau-nés


Une couverture globale, avec des plafonds annuels de remboursement plus élevés et des garanties supplémentaires incluant les soins d’hospitalisation et de maternité

  • Plafond de garanties annuelles : $2 000 000

  • Hospitalisation et soins de jour

  • Chambre individuelle

  • Prise en charge complète des traitements anticancéreux

  • Inpatient Maternity*


Notre niveau de couverture optimal offre un plafond annuel de remboursement illimité, avec la plupart des garanties en règlement intégral.

  • Plafond de garanties annuelles : Prise en charge intégrale

  • Hospitalisation et soins de jour

  • Chambre individuelle

  • Prise en charge complète des traitements anticancéreux

  • Inpatient Maternity*

  • Prise en charge intégrale des soins de santé mentale et comportementale

Why choose Cigna Healthcare for health insurance in China?

  • With a range of healthcare insurance packages available, you can find a package that suits your needs.
  • You’ll get access to a broad, global network of 1,65 million hospitals, doctors and clinics.
  • 24/7 access to our market-leading customer care team, getting you the help, you need whenever you need it.
  • Access to a range of medical treatments which may be limited in more remote areas.

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Health insurance for expats in China provides vital financial and personal security while you’re living here. The differing range of hospital tiers found across the country can be difficult to navigate. And with some accepting cash only payments and others offering modern medical practices at a premium price, having a universal and comprehensive cover package can protect you should unfortunate accidents happen.

While international health insurance isn’t necessary, some of the treatments that they cover can be very expensive without it. If you need extended physiotherapy or dental treatment, international healthcare can give you peace of mind.

We sometimes include special exclusions for pre-existing conditions in any healthcare plans we offer. Pre-existing conditions are those you have experienced or sought treatment for before taking out any coverage with us.

Most of our packages cover basic outpatient care, like overnight stays, mental health costs and surgeon fees. You can also add further options and more specialised care to your coverage as part of your sign-up process.