International Health Insurance in Egypt

Steeped in history and glorious sunshine, Egypt is a popular spot for tourists and expats alike.

With a prosperous tourism industry, fantastic architecture and wonderfully warm weather, this north African nation has a burgeoning population of foreign nationals.

You’ll want peace of mind that your health is protected while you enjoy everything life has to offer here. However, private healthcare can come with a hefty price tag, so having medical insurance in Egypt is essential.

Read on to find out more about health insurance and how to tailor your own package with Cigna.

How does the healthcare system work in Egypt?

Healthcare in Egypt is split into two sectors – public and private. However, the public sector is generally poorly funded, and most expats opt to use the higher-quality private healthcare system.


Pros and cons of using Egypt’s health system


  • Public healthcare is available to nationals free of charge.
  • Private healthcare professionals are used to treating expats and will typically speak good English.

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  • The public healthcare system is poorly funded and understaffed.
  • Private healthcare is expensive.

What’s the difference between public and private healthcare in Egypt?

Public Private
Government funded and free-of-charge for Egyptian nationals. Funded through fees for services and treatments.
Can be poorly funded or with small treatment pools in more rural areas. Usually better funded and with wider treatment access.


How can international health insurance help you in Egypt?

While public healthcare is free, this doesn’t always apply to expats or tourists. Plus, with the higher quality of private healthcare, many people prefer to use medical insurance in Egypt to help cover any medical bills they incur while in the country.
Depending on the package you choose, your insurance could cover the cost of:

  • Overnight hospital stays
  • Ambulance transport
  • Evacuation to another country for medical care
  • Surgeries
  • Prescriptions
  • GP appointments.

Choosing your international health insurance

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Why choose Cigna for health insurance in Egypt?

  • Medical support in over 192 countries with access to over 1.5m leading health professionals across the globe.
  • We offer 24/7 multilingual service for customers throughout Egypt. Our staff can help you deal with the variety of regional languages you might encounter.
  • A range of tools and industry-leading services to help you make the most of your life in Egypt.
  • Our plans are flexible and can be altered to suit your budget, with adjustable coverage for specific issues that you may have.

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You may want to consider vaccinations for diseases and illness that you may be at risk of while in Egypt. This can include hepatitis A/B, typhoid, rabies, polio and Covid-19.

If you live in Egypt as a foreign-national retiree, you’ll be expected to contribute 2% of your monthly pension payments to access the state-backed insurance system.

You can choose the currency you’d like to be reimbursed in, whether that’s Egyptian Pound (EGP), USD or EUR. We offer reimbursement in up to 125 currencies.

Yes, inpatient treatment is covered under most of our core packages. Overnight hospital stays, or daytime treatment are both included.