Top 10 Best Quality of Life Cities

The Austrian capital city has been ranked the world’s best city to live in, followed by Zurich in the 2nd place, and Auckland in 3rd.

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A thumbs up for expats living in Vienna!

The recent study on quality of living by Mercer assessed social and economic conditions, as well as health, education, housing and environment to provide insight for companies seeking to relocate and compensate their employees. Mercer’s press release states that safety is a key factor to consider when sending expatriate workers abroad, due to the impact it has on expats’ lives and on the cost of global compensation schemes.


With a remarkable legacy both artistic and intellectual, Vienna has continuously dominated top spots for overall quality of living in the last years. Its high scores are always a result of the excellent safety and stability of the city’s environment, combined with the highly efficient public facilities and some fantastic recreational options.


Zurich in Switzerland has been ranked as the world’s second highest quality of life. People living in Switzerland are privileged to enjoy an excellent quality of life on top of some fantastic country features like blue skies, beautiful landscapes and a booming strong economy.


Well done New Zealand! Auckland, a major city in this country, ranked 3rd place in the top of best cities to live in. More than just a city, Auckland is an exceptional region full of natural wonders, shopping hubs and things to do. Sunny climate and amazing food too – Auckland seems to have it all!

The next cities ranking the TOP 10

4.       Munich, Germany

5.       Vancouver, Canada

6.       Dusseldorf, Germany

7.       Frankfurt, Germany

8.       Geneva, Switzerland

9.       Copenhagen, Denmark

10.      Sydney, Australia

Source: Mercer quality of living survey

This article was featured on our Cigna Global customer magazine, Your Health Matters - Spring Edition 2016

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